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Ozi Varmints Swimwear, is one of Australia's longest running swimwear manufacturers based on Sydney's Northern Beaches.  Designed and manufactured by swimwear guru Jacqui Major, who also owns and runs Sydney's premiere swimwear store Oz Resort.

Swimwear is our business and there is no where else to start, but with protecting our kids from the sun's harmful rays. 

We source sustainable fabrics and introduce more designs into each new range each season.  Our current range is made from Du Pont nylon elastane Lycra . It has a sun protection factor of 100% - Sun Protection Factor 50+ UPF. 

Your kids will have fun in the sun knowing that they have full sun protection from the suns harmful rays.  Always apply sun cream to their faces, arms and legs and any areas exposed for long periods.

We hope you enjoy Ozi Varmints swimwear and t-shirts as much as we love designing this label.

We also have a Band, stay tuned to this site for your FREE music download.

Australian Company Owned and Designed

Water Aqua Neoprene Rubber Shoes - 206 Pink

The Water Aqua Shoes

Our BEST selling Aqua Shoes/ Rubber soles and neoprene upper for the most comfortable shoe. Lets kids explore beaches, lakes, camping, kyacking, water sports and more.

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