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Australian-Made Aqua Diapers & Swim Nappies for Kids

Experience the ultimate in comfort and protection with our Australian-made aqua diapers and swim nappies for kids. Designed and crafted with care, our products are tailored to ensure a worry-free and enjoyable experience for both parents and little ones.

Aqua Diapers Nappies:

  • Superior Leakage Protection: Our aqua diapers are fully lined with safety fabric, specifically designed to prevent leaks and keep your child dry and comfortable.

  • Optimal Fit: Featuring elasticized legs and a waistband, our diapers offer a snug and secure fit while allowing freedom of movement.

  • Versatile and Convenient: With a roomy design to accommodate life's little mishaps and training needs, our aqua diapers are also excellent toilet trainers, making the transition smoother for your child.

Swim Nappies for Kids:

  • Pool and Beach-Ready: Say goodbye to accidents in the water! Our swim nappies for kids are designed to be worn on their own, eliminating the need for additional layers.

  • Reusable and Easy to Maintain: Simply rinse out and reuse our swim nappies, making them a sustainable and cost-effective choice for families who love the water.

Water Aqua Neoprene Rubber Shoes - 206 Pink

The Water Aqua Shoes

Our BEST selling Aqua Shoes/ Rubber soles and neoprene upper for the most comfortable shoe. Lets kids explore beaches, lakes, camping, kyacking, water sports and more.

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