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Ozi Varmints

Ozi Varmints Baby Aqua Nappy Flip

Ozi Varmints Baby Aqua Nappy Flip

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Ozi Varmints Baby Aqua Nappy

Loved by parents all over the world. Our reusable swimming nappy will save you money on those expensive disposable pull ups & is a whole lot better for the planet too.

  • Ozi Varmints aqua nappies are fully lined with non skin irritation fabrics which have been tested under Australian Standards.
  • Safe on kids skin and does not cause any rashes to babies.
  • Designed to be able to swim in pools with no other nappy.
  • Our aqua nappies have been approved by council pools and no other nappy is required. Double lined with elasticized waist and legs. We have even suggested these nappies for toilet training or put in the nappy bag when you run out of the paper nappies.
  • They are versatile and handy to have, especially when you run out of nappies in the middle of the night!
  • Fully double Lined Swim Nappy - Diaper -
  • Swim Pant for Babies - Aqua Nappy for babies
  • No need to wear any other undergarment.  Just rinse out 

Made in Australia

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