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Ozi Varmints Swimwear, is one of Australia's longest running swimwear manufacturers based on Sydney's Northern Beaches.  Our popular range designed for kids is made from Du Pont Nylon Elastane Lycra. It has a sun protection factor of 100% - Sun Protection Factor 50+ UPF. Don't Bake Your kids.  Protect your kids skin early. Ozi Varmints are fore runners in campaigning against Melanoma and Skin disease. Over thirty years manufacturing and designing swimwear to stop severe sunburn at an early age.
Water Aqua Neoprene Rubber Shoes - 206 Pink

The Water Aqua Shoes

Our BEST selling Aqua Shoes/ Rubber soles and neoprene upper for the most comfortable shoe. Lets kids explore beaches, lakes, camping, kyacking, water sports and more.

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