Manufacturing Sun Protective Swimwear For Kids For Over 30 Years

Manufacturing Sun Protective Swimwear For Kids For Over 30 Years

Australian Swimwear Manufacturer specialising in Sun Protection for Kids from baby to 8 years old's. Rash Vests, racers, boy shorts, terry toweling ponchos, hats, sunglasses, sustainable swimwear for kids all round the world. Swimwear so bright you'll never lose your kids at the beach. Don't Bake Your Kids. Protect them from the sun.

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One of the best selling Aqua Shoes for Toddlers and Kids

Protect their feet from sharp rocks and hot sand. These beach shoes for kids are just made to go everywhere. Kyacking, swimming, beach walking, even playing in the mud. Toss the awkward Wellies away these are so flexible and durable and make running and having fun in any water sport.

  • Supportive
  • Solid Rubber Soles
  • Neoprene Flexi Design
  • Fully washable. 
  • Comes with removable inner layer for easy washing
  • Elastic laces to fit the whole foot.

When measuring your childs foot, its always wise to go up one size, as your child will grow and you will get a few seasons out of these shoes.

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