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Ozi Varmints

Ozi Varmints Boys Racer - Lime

Ozi Varmints Boys Racer - Lime

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Ozi Varmints Boys Racer - Lime – perfect for active kids. Made with Nylon Lycra with 50+ UPF sun protection, it's comfortable and safe.

Featuring an elastic waist and leg, it's easy to wear under Board Shorts or Aqua Nappies.

The Ozi Varmints Boys Racer - Lime is an Australian-designed swimwear.

Equip your young explorers with the Ozi Varmints Boys Racer - Lime, offering them a blend of style, comfort, and sun protection. Watch them embark on their next water-based escapade with confidence, assured that they're shielded from the sun's rays while exuding effortless coolness.

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