Sun Protection Facts

Sunscreen alone is not enough to protect your children’s sensitive skin. One of the best ways is to cover up in sun protection clothing made from textiles that have been designed to block out as many harmful UV rays as possible. Always use sun screen in those hard to cover spots like noses, ears and necks.

5 things you should know about Sun Protection

  • The quality of fabric used in swimwear and sun protective clothing is important, but so is the fit. When buying sun protective swimwear, a fit that is too tight causes the elastic fabric to stretch and let through more UV.
  • Avoid the sun for prolonged times when it’s at its strongest (normally from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM). If children are in the sun between these hours, be sure to apply protective sunscreen or sunblock and make sure they are wearing sun protective clothing and a hat — even if they’re just playing in the backyard.
  • You can get burnt even on cloudy or overcast days by invisible sun. These are the rays that get through the clouds and reflect off water, sand, tarmac roads and concrete buildings. Put your kids in a rash vest at the beach or in the pool whether it is a bright sunny day or not.
  • Ensure that normal clothes will screen out harmful UV rays by placing your hand inside the garments and making sure you can’t see it through them.
  • Wearing a dark, wide-brimmed hat is the equivalent to around an SPF 33. Hats are important for your children. Make it a habit!

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