1002 Ozi Varmints Girls Spliced Racer – Aqua/Sun


1002 Ozi Varmints Girls Spliced Racer – SP50+

  • Aqua/Sun
  • Aqua-Fish
  • Aqua-Goldie
  • Aqua-Koala
  • Aqua-SeaHorse
  • Aqua-Shark
  • Aqua-StarFish
  • Aqua-Willie
  • Aqua-Wombat
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Great for laps or just splashing around. This suit is designed so it will not fall off the shoulders. Lycra Nylon fabrics are 50+UPF and protects your skin from the 98% of the sun’s UV rays. Choose from a range of Australian animals to customise your swimmers.

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2 Year Old, 6 year old


Aqua-Crab, Aqua-Crocs, Aqua-Fish, Aqua-Frog, Aqua-Goldie, Aqua-Grub, Aqua-Koala, Aqua-Roo, Aqua-SeaHorse, Aqua-Shark, Aqua-StarFish, Aqua-Willie, Aqua-Wombat


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